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multiple series in navigator are not oficially supported, so only this "hack" which you use display multiply series in navigator. example: this feature is requested in our system here (, so you can vote for it.

        name : "",
        xaxis: 0,
        yaxis: 1,
        type: "line",
        enablemousetracking: false,
        data : new_data,


from highstock 5 this is now officially supported. you can globally or specifically for each series specify showinnavigator: true (api). a related option is navigatoroptions (api) which will affect the series that have the showinnavigator set to true.

for example: (jsfiddle):

plotoptions: {
    series: {
        showinnavigator: true // global value

series: [{ // this series has no value set and will use global
    name: 'msft',
    data: msft
    name: 'googl',
    showinnavigator: false, // individual series value
    data: googl
    name: 'adbe',
    showinnavigator: true, // individual series value
    navigatoroptions: { // specific values that affect the series in the navigator only
        type: 'line',
        color: 'red'
    data: adbe

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