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Every time you set a theme, it merges with the existing theme, and hence any option that is not present in the new theme it will pick from the existing theme. This may not be desired always.

Unfortunately, Highcharts does not give an option to go back to the very defaults that are set at the time of first load. The following code can be used to get that functionality

// Make a copy of the defaults, call this line before any other setOptions call
var HCDefaults = $.extend(true, {}, Highcharts.getOptions(), {});

function ResetOptions() {
    // Fortunately, Highcharts returns the reference to defaultOptions itself
    // We can manipulate this and delete all the properties
    var defaultOptions = Highcharts.getOptions();
    for (var prop in defaultOptions) {
        if (typeof defaultOptions[prop] !== 'function') delete defaultOptions[prop];
    // Fall back to the defaults that we captured initially, this resets the theme

After resetting the theme, applying a new theme would work as if that's the first theme being applied.

Demo @ jsFiddle


If you remove all of the color options and reload the Highcharts object it will default back to the default basic theme. If you set the below to null it should not show a back ground image once reloaded.

plotBackgroundImage: null

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