What is energy conservation and its introduction you can read in this article here you can see also Importance of energy conservation and how to energy saver, save power and save money.


Save energy save money, save planet save life!
To do any work to follow such a method or process that it takes less energy to complete the work it is called energy conservation.

Let’s take an example if you are going to come every day by car and if you use a bicycle in place of it then it will save fuel in the car and you do not use that energy to protect it.

This group is working collectively to work towards the direction of adopting the nation’s energy efficiency based lifestyle which can improve the future of the country.


Chemical energy is transformed into electrical energy by electrical components (cells). With this light, we can create light. Light-energy results in the chemical energy of the trees by light-synthesis from sunlight.

By such actions, it is clear that only the form of energy changes in various changes. There is no difference in the value of energy.

The first position toward energy-indestructibility theory was raised by the famous Dutch scientist Christian Huygens, who was Newton’s contemporary.

In one of his books, Hygonz said that when two fully elastic picks are collision (in a collision), then the sum of the productive masses of their masses and their velocity remains the same as after the collapse as before the collision.

Some people estimate that Newton was aware of the theory of the in-destructiveness of mechanical energy. But with clear words, LaGrange first expressed it in 1788 AD. According to Lagrange, in such a body, which is not affected by any external force, mechanical energy,
That is, the sum of the potential energy and kinetic energy remains the same.

Energy conservation solution:

  • Turn off the LED light when not in use.
  • Regularly clean the dust on tube lights, bulbs, and other equipment.
  • Always use the ISI stamped power tools.
  • Place your tube light and bulbs in such a place where light is not difficult.
  • Use LED bulbs to save energy.

Why CFLs?


Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL), incandescent bulb consumes less than 2-3 times less energy than the commonly used bulb and has no effect on its light quality. The Compact Fluorescent Bulb provides good light from ordinary bulbs while consuming 95 percent less electricity.

CFLs are costly, but it is small, cheap, more light-eyed and developed with colorful quality. Typically the 23-watt compact fluorescent bulb provides good light compared to ordinary bulbs, consuming 90 percent less electricity.
Use fluorescent bulbs in your homes for more than four hours a day.

Use the 15-watt energy saving lamp instead of two 75-watt bulbs that turn-on more than four hours per day. In this way, you can save about 18 KW of electricity per day.


  • Use energy efficient chullahs in cooking.
  • Cover the vessel while cooking. With this, energy is saved while cooking.
  • Keep the grains soaking the food before cooking.

Energy Conservation in the Home

  • Regularly clean the dust on the bulb and tube light.
  • Keeping the blades of the wings regularly cleaned and giggling from time to time. In place of old type regulator, the new type Electronics Regulator will be installed.
  • Turning off the refrigerator door repeatedly increases the power consumption.
  • Do not keep TV Music system and tape-record etc in standby mode.
  • A TV Placing in standby mode costs 70 units of power in a year.
  • Geyser consumes maximum electricity, so heat the water should be heated, the setting of the thermostat should be reduced to 45-50 degree.
  • Do you know that 25 percent of your annual power consumption is spent by the refrigerator? Due to the freezing dust on the side of the fridge, its capacity decreases due to which the motor has to work a lot and electricity costs increase.
  • The fridge should not be attached to the outer wall.
  • In the washing machine, 20 percent of the annual consumption is consumed, in which electricity can be saved by controlling the temperature of hot water for washing.
  • By saving an AC used for air conditioning, not keeping the sunlight in the sunlight or making a shed for it can save up to 6 percent of the electrical energy.

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