electric kettle power consumption

A Electric kettles is a household appliance used to boiling water or milk or egg in a short time interval.Old Electric kettles take too much time and power for the boiling the water but modern electric  kettle deliver instant results.electric kettle use between 2000 and 2500 watts of power, with an average electric kettle using 2000 watts but it’s depends on the size of the electric kettle(range from 1.5L to 1.8L)
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electric kettle power consumption
electric kettle power consumption

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Select Country: Please choose Country from the list. If your country is not listed then you can choose other country option from the list.
Power Use: Enter average energy consumption by your electric kettle.
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Cost (kWh): Please Enter the Approx price you are paying on per kilowatt hour(kWh).You can find the exact cost on your electricity bill. 
Use appsloveworld online calculator for calculating electricity cost of your electric kettle.

How much electricity does electric kettle consume?

How many watts does a electric kettle use?

Electric kettle use between 2000 and 2500 watts of power, with an average electric kettle using 2000 watts.
To Find out electricity cost of a electric kettle, We must know,time period taken by electric kettle to boil water and power.
Let assume that your electric kettle operates 1 hours a day, Let’s take an example and say your model uses 1600 watts
1600 watts X 1 hours = 1,600 watt-hours per day

How many kilowatts does a electric kettle use?

1,600 watt-hours per day / 1000 = 1.6 kWh per day

How much does it cost to run a electric kettle every day?

1.6 kWh per month x 0.10 per kWh = $ .16 per day

How much does it cost to run a electric kettle?

1.6 kWh per day X 30 days = 48 kWh per month
48 kWh per month x 0.10 per kWh = $ 4.8 per month

Efficient usage of Electric kettle 

  • Put 4 eggs and one and a half cup of water in the kettle and keep it for 13 minutes. Then switch off the switch.try electric kettle,Rice will be ready in 20 minutes.
  • Making oats-meal in the electric kettle is very easy. First, put oats in a bowl and boil it for 2 to 3 minutes by adding 1 cup water to the kettle. Put this hot water in a bowl and mix oats with a spoon. 
  • Healthy oats-meal is ready.You can also make Maggie and noodles in the electric kettle.
  • You can also make tea in this kettle. The only thing to do is to heat the water according to the need.
  • Once the water is heated, take it out of the cup,mix the milk powder, sugar and sip tea with the tea bag dip.

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