Usually, an automatic iron is a use from 500 to 2500 watts, while the most electrically consumed device in your home is  ‘ fan ‘ also only up to 70 watts. So now you can understand that an iron use too many times more power than the fan used in the house.

Now if talk about the consumption of electricity using iron, you can easily calculate it yourself. First of all, check your iron to see how many watts they have. you will get wattage written in the box in which your iron was packaged or on the Iron.

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How much electricity does an electric iron consume?

Let assume that your electric iron operates 1 hour a day, Average power consumption of the electric iron between 500 to 2500 watts.

Let’s take an example and say your model uses 1000 watts, you can find The wattage label that displays the power consumption of the electric iron, Look like this or check device manual.

1000 watts * 1 hour = 1000 watt-hours per day

How many kilowatts does electric iron use?

1000 watt-hours per day / 1000 = 1 kWh per day

How much does it cost to run an electric iron every day?

1 kWh per month x 0.10 per kWh = $ .1 per day

How much does it cost to run an electric iron?

1 kWh per day * 30 days = 30 kWh per month
30 kWh per month * 0.10 per kWh = $ 3 per month

An Iron operates on the power supply of our homes that is 220 volt AC. Iron’s job is to remove wrinkles and creases out of clothes and fabrics.
An iron will consume 700 to 2500 watts, with an average press(iron) using 1000 watts when heated on a threshold(high).
Iron has a connection wire which plugs into the electric board of the home. Iron has a coil that gets warm when power supplied to the iron so that the lower surface of the iron also gets warm. The lower surface of the iron is very flat.

Ironing Tips and Tricks

Even though we live in a world full of steamers and fancy smart dryers, if we want our clothes to look fresh and clean, nothing beats an iron.

The concept of using a hot object to smooth the fabric goes back to the first century, today in the 21st century when we need our clothes to look best and perfect, we are still using an iron.So to honor this handy home device we are going to share with you some of the best ironing tips.

Start Low and Work Up

When you are clothes to iron, all you want to do is look at the label of clothing care.This is going to tell you the temperature that you should use when ironing the garment.
In this way, you can order your clothes from the lowest temperature to the hottest temperature.By doing this you ensure that clothing that you are ironing is being ironed at its optimum temperature so that there are no Scorch marks.

Keep your Iron Clean

If you have ever seen strange marks or spots on your clothes, then there’s a high probability of chance that stain came from your iron.
So it is really important that keep your iron plate clean regularly.Cleaning the metal plate is very simple. you just need to make a paste using two parts baking soda 1 part water and then apply the paste to the iron.

You can also apply it using a soft cloth or using a cleaning toothbrush. Then use a clean cloth and wipe everything clean and dry.

Iron in a back and forth motion.

If you iron circular motion you can pull off your clothes and who wants that? So if you iron in a steady back and forward motion, so you are not going too fast, you are not going slow and you are using a heavy hand.You will be sure to get out the wrinkles without ruining the fabric.

The aluminum foil trick.

When you are ironing and you are looking for ways to cut the time. then you can use this technique.Just take some tin foil and line the underside of your ironing board with the shiny side of the tinfoil facing up.

Then replace your ironing board cover and start ironing your clothes. You will notice that the tinfoil retains heat and it is reflected in the clothes.

Hang your ironing clothes

The whole idea of ironing is getting rid of the wrinkles in your clothes. But if you throw your freshly ironed clothes in a laundry basket, how can you do that?

Therefore, the idea here is that as soon as you finish ironing something, take a hanger, stick the item on a hanger and hang it up.

If that means you do the ironwork in your bedroom or you hang a small rack like I have right. If you don’t have anything like that, a doorknob to hang it on a belt loop we don’t care for just get it vertical.

Keep your ironing board cover clean

The first thing you want to do is check the care label. Because there are many of these board covers that are machine washable. If it is placed in your machine on a soft cycle with gentle detergent and hang it to dry.

Then you want to reapply it back on to the ironing board and once it’s dry so that way it’ll stay nice and shaped so you can get a good iron in it.

Now, if it is not machine washable and can have a special coating or it can be made with special cloth then there will be no problem.

Just take a sponge. All you need is dip it in some soapy water is a little bit of dish soap or a little bit of laundry detergent.

Clean out any of the stains that serve to rinse the product, dry it well and your ironing board cover is ready for use.

Some Important Points

  • Drying clothes in the dryer can also save you time. drying clothes Slow spin mode can also save your time and power because clothes do not wrinkle too much. So that they don’t have to work hard while removing wrinkles and creases.
  • If you keep the clothes bent after washing, they will shrink further. It is important to keep them away.
  • Clean the Iron box before and after the use. The dirty press could leave a spot on the fabric. When you use the iron, you can spray water on the clothes so that the more wrinkle clothes become straight away.
  • The place on which you press the clothes should be soft so that It does not have any wrinkles on clothing.


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