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i know it is late for the answer but if anyone search for this..

first you have to set up a common sdk, for example put your sdk folder at the following location c:\android\sdk

link sdk in your android studio, go to file->project structure->android sdk and point the c:\android\sdk in android sdk location.

link sdk in your eclipse adt, go to eclipse->preferences->android and change the sdk location to c:\android\sdk

*restart both eclipse and android studio


you can copy your -- .../android-studio/sdk and paste it outside of android studio app location, something like /users/name/sdk. then point this /users/name/sdk path to eclipse. i think this will solve the problem.


yes, first install the android studio. it will instal the sdk in an android folder under user/appdata/local/android/sdk then install eclipse (unzip). add the adt (android dev tools) to eclipse see :

then, once you restart eclipse it will ask you to provide the folder for the sdk, provide the folder where studio installed it.

there, both are working with same sdk.

this will save you space on the drive and not have to download and install the sdk twice.


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