after entering the application name, project name, etc in the new android application window, the next window shown is this :enter image description here

make sure you check the create activity checkbox, otherwise the activity will not be created by default.

you still can create an activity by right-clicking on the project and new > other > android > android activity. but you have to make sure you check the launcher activity checkbox in case it is the first activity of your application


i hope this helps someone :)

i had the same 'error' and it appears to me if when creating the app i use in the 'application name' non ascii characters !

example: čžšćđ...

so do not use čžšćđ in application name !!!

and yes i know it's not good practice to use them in programing :d


go to following:
'help'->'install new software' and type

select adt option and install it. it will update the adt.

even i had the same problem and my issue got resolved with it!!


i had this problem for the longest time. when creating the android application, use "empty activity" instead of "blank" activity. fixed the problem for me immediately.

hope this helps :)

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