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make a jar and add it to the android project's build path. whenever there is an update to jar, you would need to update it in your project and update (increase) version of your app to automatically allow users to download and update the update (android market would take care of that for you).

its the most widely and maintainable way.

hope this helps.


in the projects' properties go to "project references". it will should you the other open projects and you can click whichever you want.

i haven't tried it, but if you change the non-android code and run the android project, i would expect the non-android project to be recompiled automatically.


once you have your .jar, you simply have to add it to your project (or update with the new .jar file if this library gets updated).

once it is in you project (let's say under the /lib folder, right click on the lib folder -> select build -> add to build path.

unfortunately, i'm pretty sure there's no way to make an automatic update.

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