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Finally found it!

The answer is here:

In short, shortcuts are not set for all perspectives of eclipse. Whilst in the pydev perspective, go to Window > Customize perspective > Command Groups Availability > Check breakpoints.

That's it!

I was using the pydev perspective (which is what it switches to when you first create a pydev project) however, breakpoint shortcuts are only available in the debug perspective by default so you need to turn the shortcut on... wow that was so NOT obvious!


On recent pydev versions:

Go to Window > Perspective > customize perspective... And in tab "Action Set Availability", check "Breakpoints"


Ctrl + Shift + B works for me and I am using pydev 1.6.1 with eclipse 3.6.

Perhaps, you have a conflict with another program? Try change it under menu Window > Preference > General > Keys > Toggle Breakpoint to another keyboard shortcut.


Ctrl + Shift + B

If this refuses to work, have a look at Window > Preferences > General > Keys and look for overlayed keys which may shadow this shortcut.

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