I'm using Luna Service Release 1 (4.4.1). Window -> Preferences -> Remote Systems (on left menu area) -> Files -> Check "Show Hidden Files".


easiest way to show hidden files on eclipse (using mac os) first you need to show hidden options on the system in the first place follow this post

then all you need to do is to open finder drag the wanted folder into the quick access navigation bar (on the left of the finder window) .


For 2019 versions there is a filter icon top left. There you can define which files should be hidden from user.


Windows -> Navigation -> Show View Menu -> Filters, then uncheck ". * resources"

Eclipse version 2020-03 (4.15.0)


Eclipse -> Preferences -> Remote Systems -> Files: Check the "Show hidden files" Ok.


In eclipse 2019-06 version, Project Explorer shows "View Menu" option (down arrow) at the right side. Click on it and then click on "Filter and Customization", then uncheck ".*resources" option in the "Pre-set filters" tab.


Eclipse (Helios) shows hidden files in the "Navigator" view. You can add that via Window --> Show View --> Navigator.

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