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in the "debug" perspective, there is a "debug" view which shows the threads of the application being debugged: eclipse debug view in debug perspective

there's a little menu in the top right corner, with an option "show debug toolbar". select that, et voilá:

eclipse debug view in debug perspective with debug toolbar visible


window -> open perspective -> debug. there you go.

also it will normally open by itself when you run the project in debug mode. you do that by clicking f11 or clicking on the bug/insect icon to the left of the run (play) button in the navigation bar you provided screenshot off.


if any of the watch expressions takes too long to evaluate, those mentioned buttons will appear to be grayed out during the evaluation. in such case removing all watch expressions will help.


you may see that your breakpoints symbols are double lines instead of dots.


run > skip all breakpoints

after this you will see that the breakpoints icons are back to normal and your problem is resolved.


sometimes it helps to clean the eclipse workspace - just start eclipse with -clean and the debug buttons work again.

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