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after installing the c/c++ development tools (cdt) there should be visual studio scheme available (from windows > preferences > general > keys)

more informations (with screenshots) can be found on configure eclipse to use shortcuts?

i've just tried it using spring's eclipse distribution (spring source tool suite) and it works


write a plug-in for eclipse - it is not too difficult.


should be very easy

  • open preferences (window->preferences)
  • type keys in the search box
  • locate general->keys
  • type the command you want to modify
  • modify the binding
  • type your binding in the search list to make sure no other command is using the same binding


p.s.: a c# ide plugin for eclipse would be great. i'm a java/eclipse rcp developer, but i like c# as language. i haven't done anything serious yet because of visual studio. it feels like some old java ide from the 90's.

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