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i probably explained the problem poorly in my initial question. the main problem was that i was not able to deploy the webapp component of the multi-module maven project to tomcat. i was making a couple of basic errors:

  • i was importing the parent project without selecting the children, assuming maven would get them all and that would suffice, but it did not: i had to select the parent and all children when importing as maven project from svn.

  • i then failed to convert the webapp part of the project to a faceted type, and further failed to select "dynamic web app". i needed (according to a colleague) to then select version 2.5 to avoid incompatibilities with older servlet containers. (not sure how relevant this is to tomcat 6, which is what i use).

once this was done i had the parent project and 3 subfolders and also the 3 child projects in their own right appearing in the project explorer (but on file system they all exist under the parent project, as it should be). i could then right click on the webapp module (the eclipse project explorer project, not the subfolder) and run as maven project (clean, build etc.).

i could then right click and "run on server". i had an error upon publishing about various files being out of sync. i just refreshed the child projects in eclipse and then they would publish successfully.

eclipse has so many versions, with so many incompatible plugins etc. that it gets confusing very quickly-lots of the tutorials are highly specific to particular versions etc.

thanks for helping anyway guys.


my projects occasionally also lose this ability (though they have it right after import). usually it helps to refresh maven configuration, refresh/clean projects, or restart eclipse. note that it should still be possible to run it the long way, so "run -> run configurations -> maven".

i'm running helios sr 2, m2e


pretty sure each module would have to have it's own .project settings that you would need to commit.


did you install the m2e wtp extension? at least in theory that should be a better option than tinkering with project settings outside of maven/m2e control.

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