Accepted answer

it seems eclipse fail to generate this artifact because given parameters are wrong. try to create it with command line then import it into eclipse as a maven project :

mvn archetype:generate -dartifactid=my-app -darchetypegroupid=co.ntier -darchetypeartifactid=spring-mvc-archetype -darchetypeversion=1.0.2 -dinteractivemode=false


for me the accepted answer didn't work. try the following if you face the same issue.

file -> new project -> maven project -> next -> click on add archetype

enter the following details

archetype group id: co.ntier

archetype artifact id: spring-mvc-archetype

archetype version: 1.0.2

repository url:

if it fails again, delete everything inside .m2/repository folder & try the above steps again.

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