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this looks like the same problem i ran into a short while back, which (after considerable digging) appeared to be down to a bug in ajdt (eclipse's aspectj compiler) which means that it currently cannot handle java 6 annotations (used heavily by roo).

a comment on a connected gwt bug report describes the following workaround:

  1. move aspectj builder to be in front (on top) of java builder in project properties, builder page.
  2. clean and build the project.
  3. copy and save generated java/class files in .apt_generated directory to somewhere else.
  4. move java builder back in front of aspectj builder.
  5. clean and rebuild the project
  6. copy the class file from 3 above to your project's classpath.

alternatively, you can build your project outside of eclipse - the non-ide aspectj compiler, ajc, does not suffer from this problem.

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