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you have to associate every project in eclipse with the corresponding module in sonar. for instance, in your example, the "module1" eclipse project should be associated to the "con.example.project:module1" sonar project.


yeah, fabrice is absolutely correct. i'm not sure if i did something incorrectly the first time, but i was originally unable to get it to work even as he instructed. i even tried adding the java nature to the parent and adding sonar to it to no avail.

finally, i went back into one of the modules, selected configure -> associate with sonar. here, make sure your sonar server is selected in the drop down (added in windows -> preferences -> sonar -> add...), check the boxes next to your module(s), and click find on server. this auto-magically populated the groupids and artifactids for me. then just hit finish and you should be good to go.

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