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i setup debug differently but still based on the lux-render tutorial.

first, create the a .py file, lets call it, which will contain a function which we will call later to setup debugging. put this file in the same folder as the main of your module. as per the lux-renderer tutorial, add the following code, updating pydev_source_dir.

import sys

def startdebug():
        # set the pydev_source_dir correctly before using the debugger
        pydev_source_dir = 'c:\program files\eclipse\plugins\org.python.pydev.debug_2.5.0.2012040618\pysrc'

        # test if pydev_source_dir already in sys.path, otherwise append it
        if sys.path.count(pydev_source_dir) < 1:

        # import pydevd module
        import pydevd

        # set debugging enabled
        pydevd.settrace(none, true, true, 5678, false, false)

when setting the pydev_source_dir ensure you point it to the org.python.pydev.debug_xxxxx. there is another folder similiar to this. to ensure you have the correct folder it will contain a /pysrc folder.

now in your main, this must come before any other import statements to work correctly. add the following directly under the bl_info section, as strangely blender parses this itself.

debugging = true
    import debug

having it here will avoids adding per file traces like the lux-render tutorial.

  1. add some breakpoint to the version in the add-ons folder,
  2. switch to the debug perspective,
  3. start eclipses debug server,
  4. start blender
  5. run the script and it will hit the breakpoint.

the common problems i find people encounter:

  • pointing the path to the wrong pydev debug folder, ensure that there is a /pysrc folder
  • when pydev updates, update the pydev_source_dir as the debug_xxxxx will have change
  • not having eclipse server running,
  • setting breakpoints on a local copy of the files instead of the version in the blender add-on directory
  • saving the script does not mean that blender will reload it, use imp, disable/renable the add-on or restart blender.

there are good instructions for setting up blender and eclipse for debugging.

while this is for blenders game engine, much of it applies to regular blender. hope this help!

edit: i deleted it because i felt that this doesn't answer your question. but here it is since you insisted.

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