scala is somewhat maven-based (sometimes implicitly), that's why you use that structure.

the easiest way i think is to create a simple sbt/maven pom and create the eclipse project configurations (like with sbt eclipse). there you can set the dependencies (like the actual version of junit, scalatest to use), so you can use the scalatest plugin easily.

in case of other issues, feel free to ask at the scalatest mailing list, chee seng and bill venners can help you a lot there.


the scala ide website has a full documentation on how to run unit testing frameworks with the ide, have a look ! if you find missing elements, the bug tracker of the scala-ide project is here.


try using the sbt eclipse plugin:

this is of course assumes that you use sbt as you build tool. if you don't at the moment you can find instructions on installation and usage here:

personally i've been using typesafe giter8 template ( to setup my scala projects, and then i use the sbt plugin mentioned above to generate eclipse project files.

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