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ok, now that we have real file names here: given the pythonpath of c:\users\compski\workspace\test\src\test, after you do from test import greeter, it will try to find the greeter.class in the each entry of the pythonpath; that is it tries to find c:\users\compski\workspace\test\src\test\test\greeter.class and c:\users\compski\workspace\test\src\test\\test\greeter.class, neither of which exists.

instead, in eclipse if i remember correctly you can add a project to the pythonpath, this could be preferred for testing in the ide - thus just add your test project as such in the pythonpath. another option is to add the directory from which test\greeter.class is found; that is in eclipse this should be c:\users\compski\workspace\test\bin - that is by default the java-natured projects compile files from src to the (hidden) bin folder within the project.

finally if the error is about greeterclass not found in test, do notice that test is a builtin python module name (though iirc jython does not have a module by that name).

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