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i think i got it.

after reading android project rename - won't launch now i did the following:

  • removed all previous versions from device
  • created a fresh branch from the pro version
  • imported the code into a fresh eclipse workspace
  • renamed the package using android tools > rename application package from the menu
  • changed java package name under src using refactor
  • adapted strings and icon as necessary for basic version
  • cleaned project
  • launched basic version
  • closed eclipse and switched back to pro branch
  • launched eclipse with pro workspace
  • cleaned project
  • launched pro version

and voilà! i get two different apps with different names and different icons in manage apps, both on my nexus s and in the virtualbox.

lessons learned:

  • always use eclipse commands to rename apps or packages. changing strings in the manifest file is not enough. apparently eclipse makes some more changes than just updating the manifest, possibly in the workspace folder.
  • clean between two builds of different branches. otherwise you will (evidently – i tried it) carry over debris from the past build, resulting in resources getting mixed up between branches, and end up building something totally different from what you intended.


i think you need to use android:label on your <application> to give a different name to the app. also make sure you clean you project for the resource changes to appear.

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