although i have never used opencv:

there is a mac os x download from opencv

i suppose there should be an opencv.dll equivalent native library (opencv.jnilib?) in the opencv package for mac os x and loading it with system.loadlibrary could resolve the issue.

there is a article how to load a native library on mac os x.

may be relevant:


it's an old question, but without answer yet. for me that solve the problem for system.loadlibrary(core.native_library_name):


for ubuntu linux, i got the similar problem which can't find the native library which actually is the (xxx is the version) which is actually installed under /usr/lib/jni/ not like other native libraries installed under /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

my first thought for the native library is the and there is no at all.


take a look at unsupported platform in nu.pattern and my suggested answer to opencv java on kotlin which shows how to use the nu.pattern.opencv.loadshared(); api.


after a lot of hit and trials, directly specifying the path of the opencv.dll in the system.loadlibrary("complete path to opencv.dll") seems to have done the trick, but in mac the problem remains as it is as i do not have any .dll or .so or .dylib for opencv in mac.

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