i am just sharing my maven configuration details, it may help:

if you are using embedded eclipse plugin then its a good idea to use external maven installation. you can check plugin details under window -> preferences -> maven -> installations

i had couple of issues with embedded one. so you can download maven from

make following changes in eclipse: window -> preferences -> maven -> installations -> add -> external one window -> preferences -> maven -> user settings -> provide path for conf/settings.xml from extternal one

keep local repository same as embedded could resolve configuration issues.


try the following, it worked for me on juno

mvn eclipse:eclipse -dwtpversion=1.5


run 'mvn clean install'

then 'mvn eclipse:eclipse'


for maven-eclipse-plugin:2.9:eclipse and web project use

mvn eclipse:clean

mvn eclipse:eclipse -dwtpversion=2.0

update project

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