you are missing an artefact in your maven repository.

how to verify:
if you will browse your repository you will find out that under .m2/repository/org/apache/maven/plugins/maven-clean-plugin/2.4.1/ artefact will have lastupdated suffix - maven attempted to download this artefact but failed.

how to solve:
just add an appropriate artefact into your maven repository:) there are several ways how to do that but the simplest one will be dropping the folder with the missing artefact. add since you can build your project from the cmd just add missing artefact as a dependency into your project. build the project from the cmd.


add dependency is not working through eclipse ide(juno 4.2). fixed the issue by manually adding dependencies with the below command on command prompt

  1. go to the location where your pom.xml is located
  2. mvn install
  3. once you see status build success from now onwards we can proceed with ide.


clearly this is an issue of proxy. either use vpn or edit procy setting in setting.xml. i searched lot about this error. finally, i used vpn(virtual private network ) to disable the proxy and was able to use cetral repository of maven.

if you dont want to use vpn just change settings.xml host address with proxy address of ur company(which is available in ie->tools->connection->lan settings->advanced->http. )


this is a proxy problem:

  1. add your proxy config in your setting.xml
  2. remove .m2 folder from your home directory
  3. run any maven command in interactive mode from command line, for example try to create a project mvn archetype: generate -darchetypegroupid=org.apache.maven.archetypes -darchetypeartifactid=maven-archetype-webapp -dartifactid=my-webapp
  4. that's all


i had the same problem. it was because i configured the repository in the settings.xml of my maven installation. but this in not used by eclipse as it comes with its own maven implementation. you need to configure the repositories (mirror section) in the settings.xml in your profile (.m2/settings.xml).


furthermore i recommend to test the configuration etc. first with command line client of maven (maven 3.0.x) and not within eclipse.

the 1./4. shows that you have tried to download some artifact which has failed for whatever reasons. the simple solution for that is to delete the local repository and retry the build. but i recommend to do that first on command line to check if everything is fine.

the 2./3. are indications that the project you are trying to compile does not contain a correct plugin coverage for m2e which can be read in the docs how to solve that.

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