go to window -> preferences -> c/c++ -> new c/c++ project wizard -> makefile project.

choose one the following parsers and try with a new project.

  1. pe windows parser
  2. cygwin pe parser


i was also receiving "launch failed. binary not found." my problem was avast anti-virus. my hello world c program would compile in eclipse cdt using the windows pe parser and mingw gcc compiler, but there was no exe file!!!! avast antivirus was identifying the exe file as a false positive and removing it....grrrrr. the solution was to add the eclipse workspace folder to the exclusions list. voila!! eclipse generated my test.exe file.


run eclipse from a cygwin shell :


choose compilator cygwin gcc when you build a new project.

build and run work now.


simply go to the project(main manu)-> build all this will solve your problem.


there can be multiple reasons for this :

first : select preference (click on eclipse in mac machine left top or windows from menu in windows os to find preferences) --> c/c++ --> new c/c++project wizard--> change to macos gcc (for mac) or cygwin gcc (for windows)

second : i had the similar issue but code was different. in file.h file make sure

virtual ~destructor () {}; //don't forget curly braces {}

above statement shows destructor initialized () and defined with curly braces { } . in my code i forgot to define destructor. hope this helps

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