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i believe you are using m2e plugin. if you are using m2e to execute maven proess, it will start a separate jvm. you need to configure vm argument for that process. refer to screenshot below. you can try with a simple maven project first before apply to your project.

sample pom.xml

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
  1. configure maven goal. make sure select the project workspace and set maven goals correctly. you should use tomcat7:run if you are using tomcat7 plugin maven goal
  2. configure vm arguments. example: -xmx1024m -xms1024m -xx:maxpermsize=512m -xx:permsize=256m enter image description here
  3. check the jvm argument that you set using jvisualvm. select the process and get it from overview tab. sample screenshot as below. enter image description here

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