you could compile with the -pg compiler flag then use gprof(1) for profiling. btw, you don't need eclispe to compile a c++ program (i would suggest using gnu make).

of course you can run perf(1) in a terminal.

it looks like eclipse is mostly an annoyance to you. then why do you use it? a lot of c++ software is developed without eclipse. most of the c++ free software developers i met don't use eclipse, and i never used it for c++ code; i am very happy with emacs.


the problem is solved. it was perf was not installed in my system. i m using linux operating system. once it was installed i was able to resolve this issue. thanks everyone for their valuable time.


type perf in a terminal and see the error prompt. it should advice you to install a specific version of linux-tools, for instance linux-tools-3.2-75 where “3.2-75” is the version number of your kernel. it solved the problem for me.

moreover, on ubuntu 14.04, linux-tools-generic-lts-trusty should do the job.

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