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this is the blind leading the blind, but what i found was that when you move the test classes into the same package as the tested classes, then the discovery works.



this is how i got all my tests to run from an eclipse run configurations:

  • select run->run configurations
  • in the pop-up select the scalatest "folder" on the left
  • click the "new lunch configuration" button in the upper left corner
  • on the main tab give your test run configuration some meaningful name and ensure that your target project is selected, and then select the "suite" radiobutton as a type
  • in the "suite class" field, type in the name of a package at a level that is certain to contain all your tests, for example "org.fred.myprog.*". note the wildcard "*".
  • hit the apply button and switch to the arguments tab
  • in the "vm arguments" field put something like this "-xx:permsize=64m -xx:maxpermsize=256m -xms256m -xmx512m". this is needed because the test discovery triggered by the wildcard tends to be memory-hungry.
  • hit the apply button and then the run button.

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