for others having the same problem and looking into the bug discussion, the dirty warkaround mentioned by @coredumperror is to minimize the error window, as it is not modal:

in mac it's not possible to minimize the error window, but it's possible to place it anywhere on the screen.


i started running into this problem today, which is how i ran across this post. this appears to be related to breakpoints inside of eval()'d code. i would guess that xdebug is trying to find the name of the file from which the eval'd code is being run, to put it into the stacktrace. but it's failing because the eval'd code exists in memory, rather than on the filesystem.

i looked, but i couldn't find any way to make this stop happening. however, i did find an existing bug report for this problem on the eclipse bugzilla, bug 385559. the original poster found a barely acceptable workaround, which is probably why this simple bug hasn't been fixed in the year and a half since it was posted. if we both post our own experience with this bug to that page, maybe they'll be more likely to fix it.

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