most likely the eclipse and netbeans ides have to have an updated parser and lexer details to correctly support c++11. hopefully someone has already done this for c++11 and can post additional details.

it appears netbeans is written in java, since that product's forum has three posts that discuss the procedure for older and more recent netbeans versions.

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i have found a non eclipse post that may be the solution for c++11 keyword recognition inside the eclipse ide. review: how do i use a custom gcc toolchain with eclipse?. it has a step by step procedure and screen captures for updating the gcc toochain within eclipse. i expect support from the clang and clang++ compiler set to be similar. the external article is from this so post: eclipse ide for c++ hooking up multiple compiler toolset
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i do not have additional time right now to follow the netbeans procedure to create a new netbeans parser and lexer for the c++11 support. maybe someone else has already done so and can share the details. the posts i have found follow. note, that these are tutorials for any language in the netbeans ide.

both of the above steps must occur in this order. if not, i have no idea what will happen, but likely not the expected outcome.

i wish more complete posts exist. maybe the other users are simply ignoring the incorrect keyword indications from the ides. netbeans 7.4 seems perfectly fine compiling with the clang++ 3.3 compiler. i have no c++11 compilation errors on a c++11 centric project. the ide is improperly saying that override is invalid though.

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