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i don't know what the error is, but since installing eclipse is a simple matter of extracting the archive, i never try to migrate an eclipse installation to a new machine. i just copy my workspace(s) over, install eclipse fresh, and run.


go to the old mac and find the eclipse folder under /applications. then copy the "configuration" folder to the new mac and replace the corrupt configuration folder at the same path, also in /applications/eclipse. this happens because os x migration assistant mistakenly thinks the configuration files are an application incompatible with your new computer.


i had the same issue (eclipse helios), i compared my old system to the new one and for some reason the /application/eclipse/configuration folder was very different

the new machine only had org.eclipse.osgi in the configuration folder, where as the old one had org.eclipse.core.runtime, org.eclipse.core.simpleconfigurator, org.eclipse.core.source, org.eclipse.osgi,org.eclipse.ui.intro.universal,org.eclipse.core.update.

i replace the new configuration folder with the old one and it started it up. it still wasn't the same though... a couple of things that i noticed was the eclipse marketplace was gone as well as all my maven builds.

finally i just copied and the application/eclipse folder from the old rig to the new one and it worked just fine.

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