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i had the same problem. at some point, i could program in c++ with eclipse. one day, it can't find any tool chain even when there are a couple of them. basically, you need to reinstall your cdt plugin with assumption that you installed your tool chain in a correct place - for this, you need to refer to instructions for your linux distribution.

here is what i did without changing anything on toolchain:

  1. uninstall cdt from eclipse

    help -> install new software -> click the link "already installed" -> select cdt items -> click uninstall

  2. install cdt again

this got me my toolchain back in eclipse.

in case reinstalling does not work, it means you have unsupported toolchain for some reason. uncheck show project types and toolchains only if they are supported on the platform on the new project dialog. then it will show the toolchain. you can go ahead to select the toolchain to create the project. but i'd try to find why the installed gcc is unsupoprted.


you should install it from help menu

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