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the second message in the stack is

caused by: java.lang.noclassdeffounderror: org/apache/commons/lang/stringutils

which means you're missing commons-lang-*.jar (where * is a version number). i just checked my eclipse installation and there is no official jar in my plugins folder. i've found it inside of a couple of plugins (in the lib/ folder) where it's hidden from other plugins.

try this:

  1. go to and find the latest build ("drop")
  2. on the info page for the latest build, search for commons.lang
  3. in my case, the last version of org.apache.commons.lang is 2.6.0. note: org.apache.commons.lang3 isn't compatible!!
  4. download the jar
  5. put it into the folder dropins/
  6. restart eclipse

if that doesn't work, reinstall the jbehave plugin.


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