i was able to identify a good solution for this problem look at the next screenshot ...

[linux mint 14 nadia]

open a shell or exploring window and navigate to: /usr/share/themes/mint-x/gtk-2.0/gtkrc

then make a backup and replace with the file in this link here

... it all was matter of playing with the css properties and make the padding values and widths smaller.

(note: i also made some small adjusts on the css ide level as follows:)

windows > preferences > general > appearance

i replaced this css entry on all themes:

.mpartstack {
    swt-tab-renderer: null;
    swt-selected-tabs-background: #ffffff #ece9d8 100%;
    swt-simple: false;
    swt-mru-visible: true;

.mpartstack {
    font-size: 9;
    font-family: "droid sans";
    swt-simple: false;
    swt-mru-visible: false;

and then selected a smaller font:

windows > preferences > general > appearance > colors and fonts

open to display java item and select java editor text font

click edit and select a smaller and better font.

have fun, hope it helps!


i found 2 links to fix the eclipse issue:

but still the toolbar icons are large. at least it looks better. if i find the full fix i'll edit my post.

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