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seems this is an issue with the gradle plugin on sts after all. how i solved it:

  • opened window -> preferences ; selected gradle menu

  • disabled "remap jars to maven projects" and "remap jars to gradle projects".

  • applied changes.

not sure if this is also related/necessary, but i also:

  • opened external tools configurations menu (right click on project, run as -> external tools configurations).

  • went to the "refresh" tab and changed the "refresh resources upon completition" option from "the entire workspace" to "the project containing the selected resource" and applied changes.

  • i had to manually change this option on each project in my workspace.

now i can perform gradle builds and refresh dependencies only on the projects i select instead of all projects on my workspace. though if the project i select includes dependent jar files with missing dependencies, those will also be downloaded to cache (which makes sense).

found useful information about this issue here:


in that case, you can go to the folder with command prompt and exec the command below

gradle build

if you want force gradle to download all libraries again, you can use --refresh-dependencies option

gradle build --refresh-dependencies

this is the copy from gradle manual.

the --refresh-dependencies option tells gradle to ignore all cached entries for resolved modules and artifacts. a fresh resolve will be performed against all configured repositories, with dynamic versions recalculated, modules refreshed, and artifacts downloaded.

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