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so finally i found a solution. i got the hint from here configure eclipse cdt to use g++

the important bit was the comment that g++ is a symbolic link. everything was set up ok, but when i executed g++ or gcc from the windows command prompt, i got the error "access denied" while it worked from within cygwin.

after reading the bit about it being a symbolic link, it was clear what the problam was, because windows can not cope with it. so what i did now, i reversed the symbolic links such that gcc and g++ is the real exe and the links of g++-3 and so on are pointing now to the exe, instead of the other way around.

i had to restart eclipse using the -clean option, then restarted it normaly and the error is history. :d


you should install the build-essential

sudo apt-get install build-essential

after installing this, open a terminal, and type g++ (hit enter) if it says there is no input, then you got your g++

i mean, eclipse is good but problems like this are persistent i find.

try giving netbeans a look in.

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