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the eclipse project is configured for codesourcery toolchain. you need to install codesourcery compiler toolchain from: choose lite edition, arm-none-eabi package. after the installation make sure you can start cs-make from command prompt (by typing it's name there). generally, you want all toolchain programs to be accessible from command prompt, which implies that their installation path must be in system path variable.

p.s. make sure the path does not contain spaces like standard windows programs directory "c:\program files", instead install the tools in a directory like "c:\arm-none-eabi", "c:\arm_tools" or something like that.


ah, thank you got it to work now!

and i ran into another problem too. when i tried to compile another error came up saying something like: "c:\program is no file or directory". i solved it by placing all compilers and openocd in the root of my c-drive. i think it's because the make doesn't understand spaces in the make file, if anyone else get the same problem.

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