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believe me i have been trying to setup cocos2dx on windows machine for about 2 weeks and i wasnt successful at all. there were lot of problems i faced still had issues to compile cpp code and othe build path issues. switch to mac its easier and most of all making cross platform app windows doesnt make any sense since you cant run ios simulator on windows machine


set environment variables(c:/cygwin/bin), then the problem is solved


all the environment variable set properly. list of environment variable is :android sdk path,python and apache ant. then try to run ./ on command promt. reference link:here


you need a proper all version

cocos2d-x 3.6 apache ant python 2.7 eclipse java

1.set java and apache path in global environment 
2.extract cocos2d-x 3.6 download version the file
4. add this all in environment file 

cocos_console_root = 'cocos_console_root' => here is your file where you are add
cocos_x_root = 'cocos_x_root' => you get this in cocos2dx folder
cocos_templates_root = 'cocos_templates_root'=> you get this in cocos2dx folder
ndk_root = 'ndk_root' => download ndk 9.2
android_sdk_root = 'android_sdk_root'=> your eclipse root
ant_root = 'ant_root' => apache ant root`enter code here`

add above all proper in environment then run into cmd, cheers :)!

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