excuse me about my spelling mistakes, i am student and i study english now. my project has the same problem. i had to spend all day to find solution :). in your root project folder you need to open file ".cproject" and add the following text:

<option is_builtin_empty="false" is_value_empty="false" id="" superclass="" valuetype="definedsymbols">
                                    <listoptionvalue builtin="false" value="__android__=0"/>

i do not know what the numbers mean in the end of id section, but i freely changed them and everything was ok.

this text adds symbol __android__. moreover tab "symbols" becomes visible:

this text adds symbol <code>__android__</code>. moreover tab "symbols" becomes visible

notice that __android__ has value 0. you can check it if you open preferences->c/c++ general/path and symbols/symbols (now it is here)

proof of appearing __symbols__ section in eclipse:

proof of appearing <code>__symbols__</code> section in eclipse

finally, a chunk of my __.cproject__ file:

<storagemodule moduleid="cdtbuildsystem" version="4.0.0">
    <configuration artifactname="${projname}" buildproperties="" description="" id="" name="default" optionalbuildproperties="" parent="">
        <folderinfo id="" name="/" resourcepath="">
            <toolchain id="" name="android gcc" superclass="">
                <targetplatform binaryparser="org.eclipse.cdt.core.elf" id="" isabstract="false" superclass=""/>
                <builder id="" keepenvironmentinbuildfile="false" managedbuildon="false" name="android builder" superclass="">
                        <entry flags="value_workspace_path|resolved" kind="outputpath" name=""/>
                <tool id="" name="android gcc compiler" superclass="">
                    <option is_builtin_empty="false" is_value_empty="false" id="" superclass="" valuetype="includepath">
                        <listoptionvalue builtin="false" value="&quot;c:\frameworks\androidndk\platforms\android-19\arch-arm\usr\include&quot;"/>
                        <listoptionvalue builtin="false" value="&quot;c:\mingw\include&quot;"/>
                        <listoptionvalue builtin="false" value="&quot;c:\frameworks\androidndk\toolchains\arm-linux-androideabi-4.9\prebuilt\windows-x86_64\lib\gcc\arm-linux-androideabi\4.9.x\include&quot;"/>
                        <listoptionvalue builtin="false" value="&quot;c:\frameworks\androidndk\sources\android\native_app_glue&quot;"/>
                    <option is_builtin_empty="false" is_value_empty="false" id="" superclass="" valuetype="definedsymbols">
                        <listoptionvalue builtin="false" value="__android__=0"/>
                    <inputtype id="" superclass=""/>
            <entry flags="value_workspace_path|resolved" kind="sourcepath" name="jni"/>

hope this information will be useful.


i was having the same issue with the missing symbols tab, i finally started poking around and discovered that the tabs are different for every toolchain. the android gcc toolchain in particular does not have a symbols tab for some reason. (seems like a bug to me)

to change the current toolchain: properties -> c/c++ build -> tool chain editor

i had to uncheck display compatible toolchains only then i chose the option cygwin gcc and set current builder to android builder

the symbols tab now shows up.

as far as i can tell everything seems to be working the same as it was with the android gcc toolchain. if there are any bad side effects to this approach, i am unaware of what they are. if i find anything, i will come back and update my answer.

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