try this ,

run as > run configuration 
.. android > brows project which you want to run.
.. target  > enable "always prompt to pick device."
.. common  > check both "run & debug".

and along with that enable (check) wipe user data of your virtual device so that will uninstall older apk and install new one. because some time emulator use older garbage reference.


instead of closing and opening the emulator(i know it is time consuming), you can

use the "reset adb" under the devices window

to reset your emulator(it is a matter of seconds.)

steps to speed up emulator (atleast to a small extend):

increase your emulator ram size. use a small screen sized emulator.(makes the rendering process on arm faster).


you can clear cache/data per application from settings (applications -> manage applications). this of course only clears data that your application is creating. you can also uninstall your application from there which will cause everything to be cleared. then you can run your application without starting emulator again.


firstly go to project->

select build automatically if it is not working then

open the command prmt and go to the path of your sdk like- e:\param\android-sdk\android-sdk\platform-tools write commnd adb kill-server

then again write command adb start-server

this will help you


to make your emulator fast just do following.

download intel-hardware-accelerated-execution-manager. from here.

install it in your computer.

after that intel atom system images in android sdk.

install haxm

after that create new emulator and select intel atom in cpu option.that make ur emulator fast.

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