i dont think backup is really needed. but if you want really back up, follow this.when you download adt bundle as a whole. go to sdk folder and backup the platforms folder and the build tools folder. this are the main folders which contains the platform can carry on with your update .

and no need to backup android or ndk or eclipse folders.


i'm not 100% sure if this is a necessary to back up these files or folders since i haven't faced a single issue till this point due to an sdk/ndk update. but as an sdk update happens, generally the folder <sdk-directory./platform is updated. there is not much overwriting or such things, but a new api platform will be added to the sdk, generally as a new folder.

also, if you are on linux, just like me, i would suggest you to install the eclipse package from the repository and setup the sdk as per the documentation available on google developers. also, for your info, and sdk update wont touch any eclipse files as such. hope this helps.

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