i will speak to the java side; i believe the same comments apply to the c version as well.

you do not want to take your encrypted byte array and convert it to a string. in particular, here:

byte[] encvalue = cipher.dofinal(valuetoenc.getbytes());
return new string(encvalue);

the problem is that new string(byte[] b) is going to interpret the byte array as a string that is encoded with the default encoding. of course, the byte array is not an encoded string, so this isn't particularly useful.

if you want to get a string that you can use to compare the encrypted byte arrays (visually), the typical approach is to hex-encode the byte array. see how to convert a byte array to a hex string in java? and how do you convert buffer (byte array) to hex string in c? for more information. there are, of course, many libraries that support this functionality.

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