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as far as i know, the freemarker plugin (assuming you use the one from jboss tools) shows syntax errors and those ones - just like java syntax errors in the java editor - cannot turn off or "downgrade". basically it means that the freemarker parser cannot parse your template.

window / preferences / validation are not in the "core" eclipse, you need to install the web tools to get the validation page. however, you cannot set freemarker syntax validation options there.


i had a similar syntax error issue and kept getting the red x mark on my freemarker template file. the solution was to replace the old freemarker.jar which did not support the new syntax... in my case it was in ...eclipse\plugins\org.visigoths.freemarker_2.3.2

after restarting eclipse, i had to open the .ftl file once so that it would be re-validated and the syntax error disappeared.

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