this is the plugin i use for atom text: i believe it exists for sublime as well:

eclipse has a c++ ide version, so use that if you want to use eclipse:

and also, if you don't mind ides you should check out qtcreator and kdevel, the first i've noticed to be one of the most used ides for people that don't just use vim or emacs. kdevel i've used a bit and it has some interesting features, though some things might be lacking. in both cases there are some speed problems with autocompletion (wait times of 100-500ms) and code highlighting (sometimes it breaks a bit and highlights the wrong line or doesn't highlight at all, but that's very rare)

another alternative that people might mention is clion, which is from jetbrains, but its closed-source, not well supported and whilst it might look nicer than qtcreator it has more or less the same features but is much more resource-heavy and laggy, so i'd pass on that.

also, most of the "old guard" seem to swear by vim and/or emcas and if you have a lot of time on your hands you could check out a guide for setting up one of those as a c++ text editor, they both have very mature plugin systems and whilst they might be harder to get into they might also give you more freedom and more interesting plugins.

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