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this issue is because of the problems in ca-certificates-java and is found to exist in fully updated ubuntu 15.10. after a hour of googling, i found the solution in the launchpad page

i finally solved this issue with the below command:

sudo /var/lib/dpkg/info/ca-certificates-java.postinst configure


in my case the problem is caused due to proxy(used by my company),then i switched to vpn it it just worked fine.


  1. comment or temporarily remove the content in build.gradle file/files.
  2. delete .project and .classpath files in the folder you're importing (if any exists).
  3. override workspace settings and set it to gradle wrapper
  4. specify gradle user home (bin folder of gradle) and java home jdk folder and click next.
  5. this solved my problem. if it doesn't work for you then try different options like setting local installation directory for gradle and so on.
  6. once this works, you can put the content back to your build.gradle files and try again so that you know which line in build.gradle file causes the issue.

note: the import might fail for other reasons as well which might need a different troubleshooting. this worked for me though.

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