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to my knowledge: no (with cdt5.0.2).

the best you have right now is what they are calling: content assist

alt text


fyi, i have started to use doxygen to document my code. this allows documenting in a javadoc syntax which i really wanted, and doxygen then parses the source to form various output formats (html/xml/chm etc..) which is working well.


the linux tools project started working on such a help facility. currently it will provide help for linux system libraries, but there are plans to extend this to e.g. doxygen generated help, too.

for a demo see:


you can view this project:

eclox is a simple doxygen frontend plug-in for eclipse. it aims to provide a slim and sleek integration of the code documentation process into eclipse.

features overview

* graphical edition of doxyfile settings,
* integrated doxygen invokation,
* doxygen outputs logging and
* optional packaged doxygen binaries (for windows and linux).

registration date: monday 02/02/2004 at 09:31 cet license: gnu general public license v2 or later


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