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if you can still reproduce the issue, execute:

cd /library/java/javavirtualmachines/jdk-14.jdk/contents/macos
sudo ln -fs ../home/lib/libjli.dylib

more details

you had recent version of oracle jdk 14. there is known bug with recent version of oracle jdk or open jdk: jdk-8238225. the issue has been reported also in eclipse: eclipse bug 559482.

the issue will be fixed by next releases of jdk.

meanwhile, the workaround differs depending of jdk version. i have done some experimentations to find generic solution. this one should always work:

cd $($(dirname $(readlink $(which javac)))/java_home)/../macos
sudo cp libjli.dylib libjli.dylib.bak
sudo ln -fs $(find ../home -name libjli.dylib)


although not a solution to the problem. i ended up doing a factory reset. i know this won't help many people. however, it worked...

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