seems like a versioning problem to me. are you sure you used all the right versions of the jars?


getting groovy-eclipse, gmaven, and eclipse all working together seems to be pretty tricky at the present. once you've got a project created with mvn archetype:generate, as awhitford mentions, this site will show you a few of the tweaks you'll need to make it work.

gmaven's stub creation for java files interferes with groovy-eclipse, hence the section on that page about commenting out stub creation. however, i went with the method mentioned in the comments for the relevant bug (gmaven-61) and created multiple executions for the gmaven plugin, like so:

        <!-- -->

i'm still not certain myself that this is clean for both pure maven usage as well as within eclipse, but it at least got me to the point where i stopped spending hours trying to get anything to work and got me coding on my actual project.

the groovy-eclipse and gmaven documentation are good reading for background info.


at a command prompt, enter this: mvn archetype:generate then, choose 40 (gmaven-archetype-basic) then, follow the prompts. once you have a maven project, you can enable eclipse support by saying: mvn eclipse:eclipse

you can read building groovy projects for more information.

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