workaround proposal: simply don't deal with svn within eclipse!

instead, you can use "git svn" on ubuntu.

meaning: with git svn you can create a local git repository, that allows you to commit/fetch to a remote svn server. but to your eclipse ... that repository looks a common of garden git repository.

in other words: using that tool, you can still connect to svn (although i don't understand why anybody would want to do that in 2016); but you have all the features of git available to you as well (including full support within eclipse; without installing any additional plugins).


we use subclipse in eclipse (kepler and mars) without problems (did you install subclipse or subversive?).

to check out projects as maven projects, you should install a m2e connector. subversive has one in the "discovery" catalog while for subclipse there is a separate update site.

if your eclipse plugin configuration is somehow broken, i would start again with a virgin eclipse (mars.1, mars.2 or neon) which already contains m2e in version 1.6 or 1.7. then you can install subclipse or subversive and try again.

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