install tortoisegit, do pull... and push.... try again in eclipse. worked for me.


the possible solutions to your problem are explained in the faq: the reason is that ntlm authentication is not supported by the jgit plugin of eclipse, which is used indirectly by team explorer everywhere (aka tee) by means of egit. possible solutions with tfs 2015 rtm and up:

  • enable http basic authentication on tfs (within iis); this is a server side change;
  • use cntlm to overcome the limitation of jgit and use properly the ntlm authentication; this is a client side modification you could do on your eclipse installation;
  • enable kerberos authentication in iis on your tfs server, as explained in the above mentioned faq as well; this is already the default on tfs 2017+.

with tfs 2017 rtw and up you could create a personal access token with scope at least code (read and write), then you could use it instead of your password in the eclipse egit configuration.

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