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you have already downloaded android support repository .

to add support library to project, go to android sdk location sdk\extras\android\support , you can find all support libraries there .add what ever library you need as a dependency

i guess you have to add v7 appcompact


if you are using linux. try doing this in the terminal, it worked for me at some point in time. don't know if it still works:

:~$ android list sdk -a --extended|less

this will list all the packages plus the extra-androidm2-repository because of the --extended option. after this you can the type:

android update sdk --no-ui -a --filter "extra-android-m2repository"  

this will proceed to download the extra support repository, and place it in the $android_home/extras/android/m2repository/.if that does not work try downloading the zip file here. this is still not the end of it because you still have to find a way to use it and

this is why you should move to android studio

  1. the structure of android support repository changed to the .aar format. this means you cannot import the library as you would have with earlier support versions. you have to use maven plugin in eclipse to manage the libraries.
  2. maven central does not have the latest android support libraries, hence you have to use maven android connector.
    if you want to read more, on how to mavenize your project and use maven for android libraries read this. i found it personally to be very hard compared to android studio where you just have to add a dependency in gradle. good luck.

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